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Hydrorider equipment are easy to use, nevertheless, for those who want to take advantage of our product’s full potential, for those who want specifically trained instructors and for those who want to offer a high level service in their swimming pool, we have something more: the Hydrorider training!

Courses and workshops are specifically created for instructors and technical staff preparing them to give the best experience to all their customers. That’s why every year there are hundreds of companies choose our products and our training!

Hydrorider offers a wide range of activities, courses and workshops:

  • Aquacycling First and Second Level 
  • Aquatreadmill
  • FOW - Fitness on the water
  • Hydrorider AquaJump
  • Hydrorider Rider Band
  • Hydrorider Bootcamp

Get the most out of your workout: choose Hydrorider and sign up for our courses in the calendar!